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Beer and Tech

Bendigo On The Hop 2018 – Venues and Beers

Bendigo Beer Bridge Road - Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Porter Holgate - Hoppy Brown Ale 1. The Rifle Brigade Hop Nation - Nordic Red Rye Ale Venom 2. Gallery Cafe Mornington Peninsula Hargreaves Hill - Raspberry Cream Stout 3. Rocks on Rosalind Fixation -...

IFTTT and WordPress: Part 2

IFTTT and WordPress: Part 2

In my first post about WordPress and IFTTT integration, I explained how I would be using IFTTT, to automatically tweet to my Twitter account when I added a new post to my WordPress blog. The experiment didn't go as planned, so I've had to try an alternative method....

IFTTT and WordPress: Part 1

I have recently discovered the power of IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT allows anyone to easily automate tasks, by connecting a growing list of popular web applications and cloud services. At time of writing, IFTTT has 328 services in it's arsenal, such as Dropbox,...