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Beer and Tech. Yes, they’re strange bedfellows for a blog. But they’re passions of mine that I’d like to share.

What began as a blog from my days at Uni, has stayed with me since. There’s so much I should have already shared. But hopefully, with some more time, and some inspiration from some interested readers, I can turn this around.


My writings about beer have outgrown this site.

I’ve created a new website in line with my new handle on social media. Beer Reflections is where all my previous beer related work now resides, and where I’ll be writing about my observations of beer culture in the future.

Come on over and take a look.


I’m a creative person at heart.

I get a great deal of satisfaction making something work just a little better than it did before.

What is djrxr6?

The story is pretty simple and not very exciting. Oddly too, despite the strange expressions I see from people as they read or say it, few ask me where it came from. If you’ve gotten this far though, I assume you’re curious. So here it is.

I needed a tag/handle for an online gaming service., Steam, or something. I don’t recall now. It seemed pretty inconsequential given many of the gamer handles you see as a jumble of letters and numbers. I figured it would be temporary too. So I simply combined my initials with the model of car I owned at the time. That’s it.

Since it was kinda unique, I just kept using it. It’s certainly weird, and I’m a little embarrassed by it at times. But what can I say, it’s me. I’ve owned it.

Maybe I’ll come up with a better name for my website one day. I’ve had a few ideas, but I’m sticking with djrxr6 for the moment.

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