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When I was a student at the University of Ballarat, one of the units I studied was Webpage and Multimedia Design (ITECH2106). An assessment task for this unit was to design and create a website. I’ve uploaded it here because I’m quite proud of it and I still think it looks pretty good.

I’m particularly happy with the colour palette I chose for the site.  I used the online colour scheme designer Paletton to come up with it.

The site was developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript only, no server side scripting was allowed. The focus of the assignment was on website design rather than the technology used to create them.

I chose to design this website completely from scratch and without the use of a template (as was out option to do so). I feel that coding from scratch allows greater flexibility and freedom in the design. It also helps to gain a greater understanding of HTML and CSS design and coding techniques.

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